New album title and release dates

We can now officially announce the title and European release dates for our fourth album, which is being released in cooperation between Svartsot’s newly established company, Of Wood And Iron Productions, and the Hungarian label Nail Records, who are home to Dalriada. The album is entitled Vældet, which means “The Spring” or “Well”, and contains 8 tracks about medieval Danish Midsummer’s Eve rituals: healing wells, the lighting of fires to ward off evil, echoes of ancient sacrifices, and more. The songs are:

    • Midsommer
    • Urtekonen
    • Kilden – I Marker og i Lunde
    • Allerkæresten min
    • Moder Hyld
    • Markedstid
    • I Mørkets Skær
    • Ved Vældets Vande


Vældet will be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on Friday the 20th of February and the rest of Europe on Monday the 23rd of February. The album will however be available for purchase at our shows in Roskilde, Denmark on the Friday 20th of February and at the Cernunnos Pagan Fest in Paris on Sunday the 22nd of February.

Direct pre-ordering will start at the latest a month before the release. We are therefore counting on fans’ support for both Svartsot and Vældet through pre-orders made directly from the band.

A taster from Vældet can be heard in the form of the song Kilden – I Marker og I Lunde here.

Cover artwork for the album Vældet

Album update

As many of our fans and followers will know, our (now long awaited) fourth album is complete and waiting to be unleashed.

As an early Christmas gift, we can now reveal that news of the release will be issued next month. Until then, we would like thank all of our fans for their patience by issuing one of the promotional photos, taken on location at Jels Vikingeby by the Danish photographer, Kasper Fladmose.

By: Kasper Fladmose -

Show dates announced for 2015

We can now announce that we will be appearing at two folk metal festivals in 2015: Cernunnos Festival in Paris, France on the 22nd of February and Hörnerfest in Brande-Hörnerkirchen, Germany on the 3rd of July. The Cernunnos Festival appearance will be our first ever visit to France, so we’re really looking forward to that. And it will likewise be an honour for us to appear at North Germany’s foremost folk metal festival in the summer. See you all there!


Cernunnos Pagan Fest 2015

Recent interview for Jurnal Rock

The Romanian webzine Jurnal Rock has just published an interview with Svartsot. During this interview, Cris sheds some light on the new album, being the first official statements about the release for some time.  The interview is in both English and Romanian, so click on the webzine’s logo and head on over to the site for the latest from Svartsot…

Jurnal Rock