Den nidske Gud (Original English version)

The Malicious God:

Lyrics: Atkin

I spent many months fighting for honour and lord
And now do I come home to spend my reward
As I rode into town, was there something amiss
A feeling I could not dismiss

Life has been taken, no work of a man
But far a more sinister deed is at hand
Answers I seek, nay do I demand
As to why such a plague has infested our land

I walked down the streets and I looked all around
But nowhere was there a live soul to be found
It seemed only the ravens that dared make a sound
In the stillness so grim and profound

I went to my home but my house it was bare
I found none of my family awaiting me there
Only a stench greeted me in the air
As I entered the reapers lair

What fate fell down from the sky?
What could take so many lives?
Of children, of husbands and wives?
Is this the will of the divine?

A pit dug by those few who survived
Filled with those who would never revive
The wolves kept away with lime
Was this the will of the divine?