Gud giv det varer ved! (Original English version)

By the grace of God, may it remain so!

Lyrics: Atkin

Come gather round, come let us make merry
Tell us a tale or sing us a song
There’s plans to be laid with a beer and a maid
Come sing for us that we may all sing along

We’ll fight winter with fires and iron with iron
Boredom with ale and sadness with more
And sickness with leeches, as medicine teaches
We’ll live in our lands like our fathers before

We all have our problems, and we always will
But trust us we know what to do
There’s good folk around, with skills that abound
If you need it we’ll fix it for you

Do you need advice or do you need a charm
Then see the old crone on the hill
She is very wise and she may well advise
If you have the coin for her skill

Do you need a good sword, or a helm for your lord?
Then go see the smith o’er yon
If you need a beer, the tavern is near
And with beer one cannot go wrong

Come gather round…

Do you have an ailment, maybe a sickness
Was that lovely girl not as clean as you thought
Do you need a balm or a herb or a remedy
We know a doctor who’s easily bought

Do you have a itch, a lump or a fever?
Maybe it’s serious, maybe benign
He is well versed in the art of the healer
He will make sure that your humours align

Too much blood is there in you, it must be removed
He knows the place to set leeches upon
Then when you need a beer, the tavern is near
And with beer you cannot go wrong

Hey! Come drink with us
Hey! Come dance with us
Hey! Come dine with us
Us merry folk

Hey! Come sing with us
Hey! Come laugh with us
Hey! Come join with us
Us merry folk

Stranger we welcome you, tell us your name
We’ve not seen you in these parts before
Have you travelled long, have you news from beyond?
You must be thirsty and sore

Do you have any wares or a purse full of monies?
Maybe some news to be told.
Do you have business, do you have tidings?
Won’t you come in from the cold?