Højen på glødende Pæle

Danish to English Translation:

The mound on glowing poles

Music and lyrics: Frederiksen

In rain I rode a lonely ride
On the autumn night’s lonesome heath
The wind screamed on the wild reaches
And lead me out into unknown land

Hey! Hey!
A light in the distance promised lee
And beds of sweet straw
Hey! Hey!
But strange was the vision that awaited me
Of pleasure and merriment

A mound on glowing poles
A hall of shining gold
A folk that lets itself hide
Dancing and drinking in the house of earth

A woman from the knoll brought a beaker
With thurse-mead, thick as troll blood
As mute as stone, I grasped the bowl firmly
And drained it in a single draught

Hey! Hey!
Like a swell in a beck I was filled
By joy and drunkenness
Hey! Hey!
Whilst the sound of the whistle lured me
Into the mound that autumn night

A mound on glowing poles…

Wild maids in green dresses
Comely eyes and willing laps
Men folk drank with a passion of the mead
The feast ended when the day dawned

I continued the previous day’s journey
But familiar paths could hardly be recognised
I was only recalled by the farm’s greybeard
”But didn’t you die when I were a lad?”

A mound on glowing poles…