Kilden – I Marker og i Lunde (Original English version)

The Spring

Lyrics by James Atkin, except for refrain, taken from the Danish version by Cris J.S. Frederiksen

Won’t you come and plough with me?
“And merry was her master”
For I must plant my seed today
“In the fields thereafter”

The ice and snow had melted, long overdue the thaw
And spring breathed her renewal, from winter’s icy maw
The good folk once again might earn their living from the land
But the task was far from easy and the work of many hands

She was a fine young lady, an angel to behold
He was quite the drinker, if you believe the stories told
The only thing that matched her beauty, there for all to see
Was her devotion to religion and her constant piety

Won’t you come and plough with me?
“And merry was her master”
For I must ‘plant my seed’ today
“In the fields thereafter”

Won’t you show yourself to me?
“And crafty was her master”
That I might have my wicked way
“In the fields thereafter”

Endlessly she toiled in the night and in the day
And when her work was over she would hide herself away
Endlessly he watched her, bending to her chores
And he dreamed of what he’d do to her, were she a common whore

‘Come with me fair maiden, into the meadows green
It is time to plough the furrows, it is time to plant the seed
The weather is so perfect, see! The sun is in the sky
You’ll not need to dress up warmly, you can leave your coats behind.’

‘You’re ever so fine, don’t think I’ve not seen
And though I’m your master, you could be my queen.
Just let me have you, no-one need know.
I know a secluded place we might go.’

‘I know you’ve been watching, don’t think I’ve not seen
And the lord is my master, and I’m just fourteen
My virtue, a most precious thing is to me
And I’d rather die than surrender to thee’

His passions were awoken; he would not be denied
And he threw her to the ground and then he forced himself inside.
His anger was awoken and he took her as she cried
And she could not stop his thrusting, no matter how she tried

‘Relax down there my pretty one, you’ll enjoy it, you will see
As I rid you from the shackles of your wretched purity
I’ll take you any time I choose, for you belong to me
And your God he cannot hear you, and he cares not for thee

But still she would not yield herself, she fought him tooth and claw
She beat her fists against him as her virginity he tore
She tried to scratch his eyes out, she struck him in the jaw
But every time she struggled it just left him wanting more

When at last he finished, when his heart slowed from the thrill
He tried, in vain, to silence her and bend her to his will
But in her hysteria, she swore to tell the town
So he put his hands around her throat and brought his hammer down

So there she lay abandoned. Broken and alone
Beneath her ravaged body, there, a spring began to flow
A tree took root within her, as the years went by
It guided folk unto the waters, where the maiden cruelly died

Her master had his wicked way
“And lustful was her master”
Our tragic maiden was betrayed
“In the fields thereafter”

Her virgin spirit there remained
“And lustful was her master”
So life itself might be sustained
“In the fields thereafter”