Kunsten at dø

Danish to English Translation:

The art of Dying:

Music: Frederiksen, lyrics: Atkin (Read the original text by Aktin here)
Translation to Danish (As seen in the booklet): Frederiksen

Dying man, your days are numbered
Be not afraid, but answer me now everything
Whilst kinsmen and family now watch by you
Must you scrutinize your true you

Did you drink and did you sing? Did you commit adultery?
Did you hate? Did you commit murder?
Did you lust? Were you pious?
Repent and prepare yourself for God’s judgement!

There’s an art to dying, and you’re a dead man
It’s not far now to Purgatory’s blaze
Die with composure, die in prayer
Your soul will be burnt ‘til you have purified your sin

Don’t be afraid in your life’s last hour
Everyone must fall into death’s abyss
May the angels lead you to Heaven
Your soul be saved, forever freed

Your body is broken and you’ll soon become earth
But your soul will sing in the angles’ choir
You envied, desired and picked quarrels
But you will be absolved for your sinful life

There’s an art…

Five temptations must you resist
Here, whilst you do penance
Your loyalty to God will be weakened
When the memory of your sin is now wakened

Doubt is rewarded with hopelessness
Your body is washed in fear’s sweat
Will torment and pain and diabolical bawling
Accompany you to the eternal fire?

“Desire, my friend, you toppled me
I set my trust in you
In beer and games and mistress’ lap
There befell me an early death
Death awaits every man

Desire, my friend, you toppled me
I could not decline you
Should one ignore ones impulses
Because it is written in the Book’s text?
Impatient, my agony

Demons lured me with wheedling smiles
Demons allowed me no rest
Demons whispered their lies and derision
Until I became the demons’ faithful subject
Cursed by zealous piety

Can I still manage to be saved?
Is confession not worthless
When the priest is dead and my brother must suffice?
Absolution is denied me, to Hell I must go!”
All souls are harvested in the end

There’s an art…