Danish to English Translation:

The Enticement-ballad

Music and lyrics: Frederiksen

Come hither, come, come and dance
Let yourself be enticed by our song
Come, dance and lay with us
Here in the night’s warm darkness

Come hither, come, come and dance
Come and lay yourself in our arms
Come, sing and dance with us
We will not hurt you

One evening, as I rode, my way passed by the alder scrub
There, by a tree, my horse stopped and wouldn’t go further
Yonder on the road danced something in the moonlight
Maidens in a ring; sweet voices sang to me

Come hither…

I dismounted and went towards them
But they moved further away
They lead me deep into the forest, ’til I was lost
All the while they sang to me

Come hither…

The scrub became so close, overhead towered the oak
I continued to follow the flock
Thorns cut my skin, ripped my hair and my clothes
Whilst around me the maidens giggled

Come hither…

In the realm of the forest
They drew a ring around me
With dance and play the enchanted me
From here I will never come away

In the humid summer nights, when the land is sleeping tight
The forest maidens sing sweetly to me

Come hither…