James Atkin leaves Svartsot

As of last week, James Atkin chose to part ways with the ‘Sot, to seek new horizons with his other band Heidra and due to some internal differences.

Of course it saddens us it has to be this way, but it’s probably for the best either way.

James has been a solid backbone in the Svartsot line-up since 2009 and we thank him sincerely for his service these past almost 9 years and wish him luck in his bastardly future, of heavy baldiness and rocking away.

Svartsot sign booking agreement with Tråd Music Management and Booking

After a shorter period without a full time booker for Denmark, Svartsot have now signed an agreement with the Copenhagen-based booking agency Tråd Music Management and Booking for concerts in Denmark. Tråd is a relatively new booking agency that already boasts a roster of some promising Danish acts – including Grusom and Bersærk, who both performed at this year’s Copenhell festival in Copenhagen, and Impalers, who feature our good friend Kenneth Frandsen (ex-Illnath) on bass. See the full roster here.

Svartsot are looking forward to what promises to be a fruitful partnership with Tråd.

For enquiries about booking Svartsot for future concerts in Denmark, please contact Jannie Ravn Madsen at jannie[at]traadbooking[dot]com

Svartsot at Motocultor Festival 2016

Last year (in our tenth anniversary year) we played our first ever shows in France at the Cernunnos Pagan Festival in Paris. At the end of the year we toured with Arkona and Metsatöll and played a further 5 shows in France. We received an excellent welcome from the French audiences at all of the shows. We are therefore really excited to be returning to France later this month to play at the Motocultor Festival 2016! Svartsot’s show is on Sunday the 21st when our good friends Arkona will also be playing, but make sure to buy a ticket for the whole weekend – our other good friends Dalriada will be playing on Saturday…


Svartsot return to Russia

Almost 5 years after our last (and first) visit to Russia, we will be returning this summer to appear at the Folk Summer Fest at Gus’-Khrustal’niy, where we will be appearing alongside Corvus Corax, Eluveitie and a host of other bands. We were given a grand welcome by our Russian fans last time we were there (at the Octobierfest 2011 with Finnish bands Korpiklaani and Dreamtale), so we are really looking forward to coming back!

Folk Summer Fest 2016 eAfisha