Svartsot return to Russia

Almost 5 years after our last (and first) visit to Russia, we will be returning this summer to appear at the Folk Summer Fest at Gus’-Khrustal’niy, where we will be appearing alongside Corvus Corax, Eluveitie and a host of other bands. We were given a grand welcome by our Russian fans last time we were there (at the Octobierfest 2011 with Finnish bands Korpiklaani and Dreamtale), so we are really looking forward to coming back!

Folk Summer Fest 2016 eAfisha


Thanks for an excellent 2015 – and looking forward to 2016!

The New Year is upon us and daily life is slowly creeping back into our tired, beaten bodies that have now rested a bit since the exceptional Pagan Rebellion Tour with Arkona and Metsatöll in November and December. So it’s time to look back on last year’s activities and to say thanks to all of you who made it the excellent year that it was!

After a show or two in Denmark, the launch of our new company (Of Wood And Iron Productions) and Svartsot reaching the ten-year mark, the year started properly with the release of our long awaited and somewhat delayed 4th album, Vældet, in late February, through Of Wood And Iron Productions and our close allies from the Hungarian label, Nail Records. The release weekend saw us playing an absolutely packed venue at Gimle in Roskilde before we hit Paris with our first ever French show at the equally packed Cernunnos Pagan Festival. A handful of Danish shows followed in the months after and Svartsot also appeared at Leipzig’s Wave Gotik Treffen (with help on bass from Bjarne Kristiansen from fellow Danish folk metallers, Huldre), Hörnerfest in North Germany and our first ever (but hopefully not last) visit to Estonia for the Viru Folk Festival.

During this period we also managed to shoot and release our first ever music video, for the track Midsommer from Vældet. The shoot took place at Jels Vikingeby in Southern Jutland in the weekend just after the actual Midsummer Eve and features family, friends and (not least) our original whistler, Stewart Lewis. A huge thanks goes out to Janus Lynggaard and all of the crew at Jels Vikingeby and Jels Vikingespil for your patience and help. And of course also to Christian Søes for shooting the video and preparing it for release before his holiday! The video, which has been very well received by our fans, can be seen on YouTube or Vimeo.

The autumn saw the start of exciting collaborations with Fusion Bags and Hapas Guitars, as well as more Danish shows, including the first ever gathering of all five Danish folk metal bands (or previously folk metal bands) at Gimle in Roskilde and the world famous Aalborg Metal Festival. And to finish the year, we hit the European roads once again for our first European tour in far too long, alongside Arkona from Russia and Metsatöll from Estonia, visiting France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands and meeting many new and old friends along the way. This must have been the best way end to a perfect year that has seen us cover more than 21 000 km on the roads and in the air, as well as reaching new goals and landmarks along the way.

We’re quite confident in saying, that 2015 has been the best year so far in Svartsot’s ten year history. But we couldn’t have done it without some help, and therefore we’d like to put a shout out to the following people: our wives, children, girlfriends and families (for putting up with us), Kristof Hartmann (Nail Records/Hammer Booking – for making this still possible for us), Henning Nymand, Steffan Kristensen (the hardest-working guy we know!), Jøl, Lasse Lammert, Bjarne Kristiansen and Huldre, Arkona and Metsatöll (for being great touring partners), Keijo, Janno, Ringo, Anton Dobrovolsky, Ádám Devecz and all at HammerWorld, Gyula Havancsák, Mark Ytzen, Harry, Patrick from Disintergrated, Wendy Caldwell at Fusion Bags, Robert Sola and Andreas Höfler from Hapas Guitars, Christian Søes, Janus and Jels Vikingeby, all of the bands we have had the chance to share the stage with and the venues and staff in 2015 and, of course, you, the fans!

So what’s next? The online store was shut whilst we were on tour and during the holidays. This will be reopened soon; and with a couple of new items. Material for the next album is in the process of being written. And we should hopefully have some shows ready to be announced before too long. A quiet start to the year, but we’re sure it’s going to be a killer year anyway!

Svartsot’s online store shutting due to touring

From Friday 20th November 2015 until Monday 14th December 2015, Svartsot will be on tour with Arkona (RU) and Metsatöll (EE). We will therefore NOT be able to process orders in this period and will therefore be shutting the online store already from Wednesday 18th November 2015 and until we return. Sorry if this is an inconvenience. IF you REALLY need merch in this period, we advise that you turn up at one of the dates, buy us a beer, and we’ll try to help… 😉

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Hapas endorsement partnership

Nothing is more important to a musician than their craft and, by extension, the tools of their trade. No partnership imaginable could therefore be more exciting than having a team of the finest luthiers create for you a beautiful new instrument to your own ideal specifications. Svartsot are therefore indescribably pleased to announce that we are entering an endorsement partnership with German luthiers, Hapas Guitars, who will soon begin the crafting of two guitars and a bass for the band.

We shall be posting pictures of the construction process from start to finish as the instruments take shape over the coming months.

This partnership is particularly apt, as looking at the guitars they make, it is hauntingly as though they had listened to our music and decided to base their entire catalogue on a visual representation everything our band stands for. They are also unique amongst guitar-builders in that Cris, Alm and James all agree how much we like them!

A massive thanks goes out to Robert, Andreas and everyone at Hapas for making this happen!