Recent interview for Jurnal Rock

The Romanian webzine Jurnal Rock has just published an interview with Svartsot. During this interview, Cris sheds some light on the new album, being the first official statements about the release for some time.  The interview is in both English and Romanian, so click on the webzine’s logo and head on over to the site for the latest from Svartsot…

Jurnal Rock


Svartsot removed from Spotify (again)

As many of our fans on Facebook have informed us, our first three albums have been removed from Spotify. Some of our fans may remember that Napalm Records removed their entire roster from Spotify in September 2011, at that time stating the reason as thus: “…the income generated through streaming is so insignificant that neither we, as a record company, nor our artists are able to further support this method of distribution”. Whatever their reason this time, it appears that Napalm Records has once again decided to remove their roster from Spotify. Svartsot can only state that we have not been instrumental in the removal of our material from the site, neither in 2011 or now.

Any fans who wish to purchase our previous albums can still do so directly from the official Svartsot online merch store. We still have a small number of the album Ravnenes Saga available (now sold out on Napalm Records’ own online store) as well Mulmets Viser (ltd. ed. digipak version) and maledictus eris.

Many fans have also asked about the release of our fourth album. We are unfortunately still not in a position to announce any release dates, as the release process has been delayed due to several incidents that have been beyond our control. The album is recorded, mixed and mastered, the photography has been completed and the cover and layout are more or less finished. We sincerely hope to be able to make an official announcement about the release within the very near future. We are, however, pretty sure that the new album will be available on Spotify upon release.

Some information on the new Svartsot album.

It will not be:

1. About Vikings
2. Ravnenes Saga

What it will be is:

The best album we have ever done and the best music we have ever written. Featuring: Our heaviest, most brutal riffs. Our finest, most beautiful, haunting, complex, evocative melodies. Our most exciting lyrics, including some seriously grim folk tales, both traditional and original, with masses of folklore, beautiful maidens, baudy drinking and horrific murders. Bagpipes. And also a couple of things you have never heard from Svartsot before.

Further information, titbits and snippets shall be forthcoming as the release date approaches this summer!

New products on the Svartsot online shop

As promised recently on our Facebook wall, we have now added a couple of new products to our range on our shop (click the link on the menu above). These products were launched at our show in York, UK, last Saturday, and we’ve now got our sorry arses together to add them to the products available online.

The new products are a colour front-print T-shirt with the Svartsot logo and two exclusive pendants. James and Cris have been using exclusive, handmade brass plectrums since 2011, made by the goldsmith and gemstone setter Rikke Schmidt Frederiksen. She has now kindly made a few of these picks into exclusive pendants in the respective sizes used by James and Cris. Both feature an engraved “S” from the Svartsot logo.