Some information on the new Svartsot album.

It will not be:

1. About Vikings
2. Ravnenes Saga

What it will be is:

The best album we have ever done and the best music we have ever written. Featuring: Our heaviest, most brutal riffs. Our finest, most beautiful, haunting, complex, evocative melodies. Our most exciting lyrics, including some seriously grim folk tales, both traditional and original, with masses of folklore, beautiful maidens, baudy drinking and horrific murders. Bagpipes. And also a couple of things you have never heard from Svartsot before.

Further information, titbits and snippets shall be forthcoming as the release date approaches this summer!

New products on the Svartsot online shop

As promised recently on our Facebook wall, we have now added a couple of new products to our range on our shop (click the link on the menu above). These products were launched at our show in York, UK, last Saturday, and we’ve now got our sorry arses together to add them to the products available online.

The new products are a colour front-print T-shirt with the Svartsot logo and two exclusive pendants. James and Cris have been using exclusive, handmade brass plectrums since 2011, made by the goldsmith and gemstone setter Rikke Schmidt Frederiksen. She has now kindly made a few of these picks into exclusive pendants in the respective sizes used by James and Cris. Both feature an engraved “S” from the Svartsot logo.

Recording of the album is now completed

Recording of the album was completed last week – as the more astute Facebook following fans will already know. The sessions took place at the studio of Lasse Lammert in Lübeck, Germany, and we’d like to express a big thanks to those who have helped us and kept us amused during the recording process.

The album is currently being mixed by Lasse. We will post more news about release dates etc. when we have them. Until then, Lasse has posted some tracking teasers. These can either be found on Svartsot’s official Facebook page or on Lasse’s and Svartsot’s YouTube channels. The link to Svartsot’s YouTube channel is:

Recording of 4th album soon to commence

We can now reveal that we will be entering the studio this month to start recording our fourth album. The album, which is as yet untitled, will contain 8 tracks of our finest work so far. Recording will continue into the start of the New Year, and we’ll try to keep progress posts updated. We’re expecting the album to be released sometime around mid-year 2014, but we have already had the chance to show case some of the new material at shows here in Denmark. We will, of course, also be playing new songs at the show in York, UK, in February. So if you’re in the UK and haven’t got your ticket yet, then we suggested you award yourself a Christmas present and buy one here: