Ved Vældets Vande (Original English version)

At the waters of the spring

Lyrics by James Atkin

She was pleased at her betrothal
For the match was more than fair
And once the vows were spoken
He led her up the winding stair

And he laid her on a pillow
Whispered comforts in her ear
And the screams wrought of her passion
Even angels were to hear

And he took of her the next night
And the next one after that
But despite their fevered efforts
Still her belly stayed quite flat

‘Is there something wrong my lover?
Is it you or is it me?
We have danced beneath the covers.
What more can I do for thee?’

‘Don’t concern yourself my sweetheart
But there’s something I must do
I’ll return upon the morrow’,
And from his door she flew

Beneath a blanket of stars and by the light of the moon
On the shortest of nights, the first and twenty of June
There she stood on the shore at the edge of the pool
The wind was warm, although the water was cool

And she edged herself forward, and forward again
In this ancient place, filled with powers, arcane
And she urged herself onward, and onward again
Until the waters crept higher, to cover her shame

The cloak it fell from her shoulders and floated away
And she stood there as naked as on her first day
And nothing ever more lovely could man hope to behold
And no vision as wondrous was ever foretold

And they watched her bathing, from there in the trees
They watched her hair tousled at the kiss of the breeze
And they drank in her beauty with their hungry eyes
From the swell of her breasts to the curve of her thighs

And so one by one she led them to a place within the wood
And there she let them pleasure her in any way they could
Some were tender and were gentle, and some she’d met before
And though others they were strangers, still she bid them rub her raw

And there they writhed together, in the forests mossy gloom
And they spilled their seed inside her in a bid to fill her womb
And gladly she accepted them, whoever they might be
If they could place in her a child then the gods had heard her plea

And when they had finished, and took of their leave
They left her there lying alone in the leaves
She gazed up at the stars shining there in the sky
And she thought of her husband, a tear in her eye

When her heart it stilled, she started to rise
And stood there unsteadily, on shaking thighs
Walked back through the forest, from whence she had come
And gathered her clothing, and set off for home

The dark it was short, and the sun soon arose
She thought of the night that she’d never disclose
He cannot be shamed by what he never knows
All dark thoughts shall be banished as my child grows