Danish to English Translation:

Berserk fury

Music: Andersen and Frederiksen, lyrics: Frederiksen

Wrath grips my mind
Gall eats my soul
I cast the harness away
Blood thirst, berserk fury!

Strife calls me, as if from sleep
I am awoken
Strife calls me, rage
Like drunkenness
I know not fear’s voice
In my heart
Fire cannot burn; iron, I know,
Cannot bite

The battlefield’s battle-cry rings
In the heavy air
Gripped as if by madness
As if in drunkenness’ power

Wrath grips…

Baleful as a bull, wrath’s warmth
Fills me
Baleful as a bull, the bellow of rutting
Sounds loud
Woe to those who meet me
In battle
They must all lay down their lives
To my sword

Wild eyes that stare
Eyes that steal courage
I bite the edge of the shield
Teeth wearing wood

Wrath grips…

The battlefield’s battle-cry rings…
Wild eyes that stare…