Den forgængelige Tro

Danish to English Translation:

The Transient Faith:

Music: Frederiksen, lyrics: Atkin (Read the original text by Aktin here)
Translation to Danish (As seen in the booklet): Frederiksen

The cross has not been of benefit to us
Not either the faith in Jesus’ name
The church and the cross will turn to dust
As the hammer of the North from old tales

Is of no use
Life cannot be saved
Obedience – promises and lies

Will not save you
Will not pay
Obedience to a ruthless lord

The cross has not…

Is not my bond
Leads not my hand
Obedience – to what?

Is needless
Obedience – conceals your sin

The cross has not…

What is the meaning of faith
When all around me die?
From heretic to bishop, yeah, no matter who
Equals are we all in God’s eyes

If the pious still become ill
And prayer doesn’t cure at all
To your “Father” I shall turn to no more
I do not need him

The cross has not…