Den forgængelige Tro (Original English version)

The Transient Faith:

Lyrics: Atkin

The Cross is not a godsend
Neither Jesus nor his lore
They shall crumble into nothing
As the Hammer did before

Faith I found is useless
Faith cannot save lives
Faith is just obedience
To promises and lies

Faith will not redeem you
Faith has no reward
Faith is just obedience
To an unforgiving lord

The Cross…

Faith shall not be my master
Faith will not guide my hand
Faith is just obedience
To what I cannot understand

Faith is simply nothing
Faith is dust upon the wind
Faith is just obedience
To cover up your sins

What is the point in faith then?
When all around me die
The heretic, the bishop
Would seem as equals in his eyes

If piety won’t save you
And prayer cannot cure
You can keep you holy father
I don’t need him anymore