Den nidske Gud

Danish to English Translation:

The Malicious God:

Music: Frederiksen, lyrics: Atkin (Read the original text by Aktin here)
Translation to Danish (As seen in the booklet): Frederiksen

I went to war for the king’s honour
I am returned from the battle’s expedition
Here in the town something is terribly amiss
The feeling grows stronger and more pronounced

Why are so many dead? Why have they passed away?
Which malicious god makes life so short?
Answer me then, God, why have you sent the sickness?
Why must we be plagued by pestilence?

I go and seek in street and passage
Nowhere do I meet life and sounds
Just half rotten dogs’ corpses
The silence is broken by ravens’ cawing

Home at my house, my house stands empty
Cleared of folk and of property
Foul is the stench I meet here
Goose pimples tell me death is near

Why are…

Which sentence has fallen over us,
That has taken so many lives?
Is it the heavenly will to kill both
Child and husband and wife?

The survivors dug a pit
And filled it to the top with corpses
Lime held the wolves from it
Is the heavenly will such?

Why are…

Why are…

My beautiful wife!
My children!
My beautiful wife!
My children!
Are dead.