Danish to English Translation:

The Dance of Death:

Music: Frederiksen, lyrics: Atkin (Read the original text by Aktin here)
Translation to Danish (As seen in the booklet): Frederiksen

Build your home out on the water
And I will dance on the stormy sea
Build your home in on the land
I will still dance you to your grave
Pray a prayer, you soul to console
In the hope that you will be saved
But don’t forget life’s heavy flaw
That has made of you a slave

Follow me
Come, take my hand and dance the last dance
Turn to dust, to ashes, to loam
King and commoners, all men become loyal to me

Even kings and bishops bow before me
Though I am the court’s unwanted guest
Riches and standing don’t move me
I take the one man just like the next
Kings’ castles don’t offer lee
Fortresses’ walls are not thick enough
Fate and death can no man shun
Come, take my hand and dance in my flock

Follow me…

You know me, but have not met me before
The bone-man knocks on your door
Death hammers upon your door

All your life I have been few steps behind
Always ready to take you with me
Now I take you with me

Feel the chill of the grave, smell the wet clay
Be not afraid, you live no more
No need to fear death anymore

Dance to the other side, dance to your grave
Dance now with me, it’s the way of all flesh
The dance is the way of all flesh
You know me by my actions
But take a good look at my face
The bones where the fleshes tissue hung
People make the cross at my sight
Honour me know, humbly and piously
Join the dance’s chain
The wine was sweet, but the chalice is empty
Prepare yourself for God’s wrath

Follow me…

From prince to pitiful beggar
The merchant’s wife to paltry whore
From pope to wretch, one thing is sure
All shall die and seek the peace of the grave
When it shall happen no man can foresee
How it will happen no man can know
When the bells chime in the grey mists
Then you will dance here by my side