Dødedansen (Original English version)

The Dance of Death:

Lyrics: Atkin

Make your home upon the water
I shall dance upon the waves
Make your home within the mountains
I’ll still dance upon your graves
Say a prayer to bring you comfort
In the hope that you’ll be saved
But beware the mortal coil
That has made of you a slave

Dance with me, come take my hand
I’ll lead you from this tainted land
Turn to dust, to loam, to sand
A king or a slave – All men shall feel my embrace

The king himself shall see me
Though he doesn’t know my name
Through his sickness shall he feed me
For all men are doomed the same
No obstacle his palace
Or his mighty castle wall
Once he has tasted of my chalice
He will answer to my call

Dance with me…

You know me,
Though we’ve not met before
They blame their misfortune
On Christian Lore
Blamed on their Christian Lore

I watched you
From when you were born
Our meeting was planned
From your very first dawn
Planned since your very first dawn

Feel me,
As I draw near
Follow me now,
There is nothing to fear
There is nothing to fear

Dance now, far beyond death
I dance with them all
When they’ve drawn their last breath
When they have drawn their last breath

You know me by my actions yet you’ve never seen my face
And all will bow in homage to my unforgiving grace
You’ve smelt me on the wind and now its time to have a taste
Of the finite time that’s given to your fragile human race
Dance with me…

To the lowest of the servants
To the grimmest of the whores
We shall dance into forever
When I rap upon your doors
Raise your blistered hands in wonder
Turn your face unto the sky
And we’ll dance beyond the thunder
When your broken body dies