Farsoten kom

Danish to English Translation:

The Plague Came:

Music: Frederiksen, lyrics: Atkin (Read the original text by Aktin here)
Translation to Danish (As seen in the booklet): Frederiksen

It is a few months since the epidemic came
With cunning and haste it drove soon wide around
Hey ho! Yay o hey ho!
It is a few months since the epidemic came

An unbidden stranger sought lee of the rain
Brought with it the agony here to the district
Hey ho…

In the hostelry’s warmth for the night he stayed
Our fate in capricious hands was laid
Hey ho…

In fever and vomit we go to meet our death
Soon the half parish will be laid empty
Hey ho…

A culprit was sought, for one we must find
Both humans and beast were blames rashly
Hey ho…

At the town’s counsel righteous men were summoned
To investigate the case ‘til the culprit was found
Hey ho…

“Maybe someone has poisoned our water
Not purgatory but hell awaits that man
Hey ho…

“You remember the beggar who roved around?
Has anyone seen him since the sickness came?
Hey ho…

“What about the hag? The poor wretch?
She who lives in the tumbledown mill?”
Hey ho…

“Suspicion is familiar for women like her
Surely fire will find where her innocence lies”
Hey ho…

“We could build a pyre, a short trial
Souls can be saved before dawn”
Hey ho…

“Her withered hand can’t perform such treachery
The whole land is almost populated by corpses”
Hey ho…

“We cannot wait, many die every day
That there are no culprits must be a lie!”
Those sinners we found didn’t get a confession
Before they were burnt on our fire

We caught and slaughtered every last cat
In nomine Patris et Filii *
Without any cat were there just more mice
And the sickness went still from house to house

“Could the Jew have conjured up this pestilence?
And heretical practice brought shame upon us
Hey ho…

In the Jew’s house, we found slung in a nook
His disease marked body and his ungodly book
Hey ho…

“Could be it is us,” the old priest said
“And Dies Irae comes now in our times” **
Hey ho…

“We have drunk and stolen and whored with hussies
That’s just the way it goes when you defy God’s word
Hey ho…

Persistently we drink and steal and fornicate with whores


*In nomine Patris et Filii –  in the name of the Father and the Son
**Dies Irae –  the day of wrath