Farsoten kom (Original English version)

The Plague Came:

Lyrics: Atkin

It was but a few moons since the pestilence came
With cunning and haste, many lives would it claim
Hey, ho, yay – o – hey ho!
It was but a few moons since the pestilence came

A sinister stranger arrived in the rain
Was this wearisome traveller heralding change?
Hey ho…
A sinister stranger arrived in the rain

He spent his first night by warm tavern’s flames
And lo, in his wake would the suffering reign

The fever upon them they died all about
The first symptom alone put their deaths beyond doubt

They looked for a reason, someone to be blamed
At both man and beast was their vehemence aimed

So a band of the righteous was formed in the hall
To seek out the guilty and silence them all

“Could it be the old crone that lives up on the hill?
She who dwells there alone in the tumbledown mill”

Suspicion falls easy on women so wise
Perhaps fire will find where her innocence lies

“We could take her and try her, a pyre be raised
I am sure with this deed that more lives can be saved”

“But this can’t be the work of her withering hand
For the sickness is spreading all over the land”

“We can’t rest on our laurels, for still many die
And to say that its no-body’s fault is a lie!”
So they looked for some other bearer of guilt
To burn on the fires they built

They took every feline and slaughtered each one
In the name of the father, and that of the son
But without the tireless work of the cat
Who then would master the rat?

“Maybe somebody has poisoned the well
Whoever they are we must send them to hell!
Maybe that vagabond three moons ago?
But no-one can find him, you know?”

“Perhaps it was the Jewish that brought our malaise
Must we all burn in hell for their Jesuit ways?”
Hey ho…
“Perhaps it was the Jewish that brought our malaise”

Though none but the dead would be found in their home
Clutching their blasphemous un-Christian tome

“Perhaps it is we”, came the ministers call
“Who have wrought on ourselves this disastrous fall”

“We have drunk and we’ve stolen and gambled and whored
This is what we expect when his word is ignored”

Still we gamble and steal and whore!!