Danish to English Translation:

The grave-beer

Music and lyrics: Frederiksen

Spring came and thawed the ground
Winter became green fields
Doughty men we gathered here
Strife called, so we set sail

Hear! Hear!
Woman come with ale
Woman come with meat
We drink the grave-beer for our fellows, who died

England was seen in the dawn
Golden sands and the coat’s meadows
By the shore we found a town
With a church tower, there we ran ashore

In a town desert of men we ravaged
We took their possessions, gold and women
Whilst the church bells called the alarm

Hear! Hear…
On the way down to the ships
A peasant army stormed from the forest
They attacked with pitchfork and scythe
Many men were slaughtered there

Comrades’ bodies were carried forth
A mighty mound we dug for them
The Englishmen lay in piles
The bodies became the raven’s share
The summer, it turned
We returned to our homes
With praise and string-play

We sit now on the benches and drink grave-beer
Hear! Hear…