Grendel (Original English version)


Lyrics: Atkin

A creature from the depths was he
Barely was he obvious a man, to me
A monster thinly cloaked in human form
From what creatures womb had it been torn?

What is this thing that I stand before?
Garbed in horn, and tooth, and claw
As tall as an oak, and as roughly hewn
No tempered blade could pierce him through

Skin like the dragon, grey armoured scale
And he moved as would, over hill and dale
Awoken from slumber by our revelry
He wrought slaughter and death as I never did see

How he split my kinfolk with his welted hands
With a savagery that none could withstand
Their flesh was riven and their skulls were rent
And it seemed like an age till his rage was spent

He retired to his lair with the flesh he tore
And dined on their wreckage and drank of the gore
We’re in need of a hero from a distant shore
For it surely won’t be long till he returns once more

Grendel I do name you, dead-born thing
Brought on an ill wind by a demons wing
Your life shall be taken by a warrior king
And of your violent end shall we proudly sing