Gud giv det varer ved!

Danish to English Translation:

By the grace of God, may it remain so!

Music: Frederiksen, lyrics: Atkin (Read the original text by Aktin here)
Translation to Danish (As seen in the booklet): Frederiksen

Ale, (Ale!) a song and a tale!
Keep boredom in check with beer and sorrow with song
Ale, (Ale!) for the good of every man!
Come, sing with us now, we will drink the whole night long

We all have burdens we must bear
To the woman in the mill must we then go
Lo! She is wise, she gives good advise
To the one who pays silver for her deed
But if you thirst, the tavern is hard by
For ale strengthens the soul, beer makes you strong!

Ale, (Ale!)…

Do you have blisters and thin shit? Do you puke blood?
Was the maiden not as “pure” as you believed?
Mayhaps your fluids need to be brought into balance
It costs a jug of beer or two
The barber knows where the vein should be let
Where the cup should be placed and the leech should be fed

Hey! Come, stranger, come in to the warm
Hey! Come, stranger, sit yourself by the hearth
Hey! Come, stranger, where is your home?
Hey! Come, stranger, tell us your name

Hey! Come, tell whither you travel to
Hey! Come, tell us of your wares
Hey! Come, tell where your journey has led you
Hey! Come, tell us news you have heard

Hey! Come, stranger, warm food is on offer here
Hey! Come, stranger, eat, drink and be merry
Hey! Come, stranger, drink to our good health
Hey! By the grace of God, may it remain so!

Ale, (Ale!)…