Havfruens Kvad

Danish to English Translation:

The Enticement-ballad

Music and lyrics: Frederiksen

On the salty sea the ship sails
Heavy nets trawled behind it
The water mirrors the sunlight
And seamen praise Ran of the ocean

A voice is heard from the ocean
Like the tears of a hundred maidens
A sorrowful song which lures
An elegy of pained hearts

”When the storm rages upon the ocean,” sings the lady of the sea
”And the water seethes around the rock,” sings the lady of the sea
”I draw men to the ocean floor and bring them to my dwelling
So sorrow crushes sweethearts’ hearts,” sings the lady of the sea

The fearless men follow the voice
The beautiful maiden for to see
Flame red hair and fishtail
The fair-breasted lady of the sea

Out in the waves she plays
Her breast as white as wave crests
With a lustful look and woman’s wiliness
She lures them to great shame

”When the storm rages…

Whilst they follow the mermaid
Their shrewdness and care lessens
The ship flees known waters
Behind the waves

Salty sea as far as the eye can reach
Is transformed to troubled oceans
Splintered wood in the roaring waves
Planks break

”When the storm rages…