I Salens varme Glød

Danish to English Translation:

In the hall’s warm glow.

Music and lyrics: Frederiksen

Hey! Hey! In the hall’s warm glow
The words flowed, just like the golden mead
Tales and song in the dark of night sounded
We drank in the hall ‘til day broke

The nights of autumn drew continually longer, and the frost bit
The dark of night came sneaking now, brought the cold with it
Thick shutters locked out the rime; everything lay as if dormant
But behind shut windows men drank merrily by candlelight

Hey! Hey! In the hall’s warm glow…

On the floorboards the lasses went round and served ale
Pretty were they, on the floor they trod with glancing eyes
The menfolk had not more to do, but stayed in now
For pastime and fun, they amused themselves with songs and tales

Songs of battles and songs of kings
Songs of death and heroes’ deeds
Songs of the church and songs of women
Songs of drunkenness and mistresses so wanton

Hey! Hey! In the hall’s warm glow…

The snow fell in the silence of night and shrouded everything
The land now lay as a stiff-frozen sea with soundless waves
The peace was torn by the laughter of merriment and men’s voices
And slashes of light in the farm’s windows ripped the darkness apart

Hey! Hey! In the hall’s warm glow…