Danish to English Translation:

The Hunt

Music and lyrics: Frederiksen

When the wind blusters in the winter night, but the forest is silent
That’s when it’s best to stay in behind lock and bolt

Beware, beware
Of the Wild Hunt

When the wind howls in the night darkness on murky heaths
And the Yule-fire glows in the ash pile on the hearth
Then you can hear to dogs’ barking, one far, one nearer
Then the old say “Now the party rides, now the Hunt starts”


When horses’ whinnying and hoof beats are heard in the emptiness of night
Put steel in the door and shutter across the window, seek shelter in the straw
For then the flock cannot hunt you and cause harm
But woe the lonely wanderer who walks alone some lonesome place


Ugly are the Hunters, dire and black as death
Cruel are the black dogs, ugly, great and broad-eyed

Black are the horses they ride, black are the bucks they ride
Dread the ride of the restless, noisily they ride again

When the winter wind changes course unexpectedly, must you be cautious
And if you hear hoof beats and count eight on the leader’s steed
Then you can be sure that the Hunt is coming and will crave victims
For with them is drawn a time of unrest, your death resulting!