Danish to English Translation:


Music: Frederiksen, lyrics: Atkin (Read the original text by Aktin here)
Translation to Danish (As seen in the booklet): Frederiksen

Off Northumbria the fair-isle lay
At the end of the causeway, wandered by few
Surrounded by water, the cold North Sea
A monastery of stone stood there on that isle

Protected by waves, in peace to do penance
The monks’ souls were saved, they believed
The fear of attack was hidden away
For who would believe that death could sail?

In the year of the lord seven hundred ninety three
A dark winter morn shrouded in snow
The clouds spewed thunder and lightning
And dragons screamed, how horrid a sight

Three warships were seen, of carved prow all
Loaded with warriors, a heathen army
Lead over the seas under the winds’ might
Armoured in leather, ring mail and shield

Without a word, they stormed that beach
The fire in the hearts desired war
God’s men had to be slaughtered, every last man
The Danes knew only honour and courage

The brothers knew only compassion
As spoil for the raven they were most useful
They loved their saviour, they loved their peace
But the shepherd watched on whilst the flock was flayed

The skin was pulled from meat and from bone
Though they had their lord, they died alone
No-one could compete with the wrath of the Danes
Then the monks found destiny and peace

Death they met in the holy sanctuary
With the sword to the hilt they were pierced
Saints’ blood was poured on the high altar’s cloth
Holy men’s bodies trampled apart

Homewards they sailed from theft and slaughtering
The Heathen, the Dane, the ruthless Viking
The booty was great and the losses small
To the dead, they drank ‘til they lay

They sang of their honour, of the gods’ favour
They sang of the good art of brewing mead
In Midgård’s great halls they sang of their deeds
In the homeland’s maidens they sowed their seed

Will the world ever see those again
Who raped their daughters and slaughtered their men
Stole from their churches and fired their homes
Split bones in the blaze’s black smoke?

That was a taste of what was to happen
Many more warships were seen thereafter
Many more lives were lost in battle
Lindisfarne boded the Viking Age