Markedstid (Original English version)

Market Time

Lyrics by James Atkin

Bring me ale and bring me wine
We’ve got ale and we’ve got wine
As strong and sweet as you can find
And I’ll get drunk at market time

Bring me girls so sweet and fine
We’ve got girls so sweet and fine
As fair and firm as you can find
And I’ll get fucked at market time

Bring me ale…

A gathering, a gathering
Around the healing well they sing
Folk they come from far and wide
For the magic water found inside
I don’t know if it’s true or nay
This is just what I’ve heard them say
But where so many people come
Their purse’s strings may be undone

Bring me girls…

A gathering, a gathering
Around the healing well we bring
Things they need and things they don’t
Thing’s they’ll use and things they won’t
Things to drink and things to eat
Things to soothe their weary feet
All these things might you combine
We welcome ye at market time

Bring me ale…

Bring me girls…

What would you like
What shall it be?
A splendid choice is that, good sir
They’re difficult to get, you see.

It won’t come cheap
Won’t one of those
They’re hard to make, it takes much skill
You have the monies, I suppose?

I’ll accept gold
And silver too
But I’ve no change for such a coin
Let’s see what else I have for you

I know a man
Who knows a guy
Who met this bloke who has a girl
That you might buy…

So fuck
And feast
For we are men and men may drink till we’re deceased

I fuck,
And feast
For I’m a man and this I do to spite the priest!

But where good folks might congregate
Especially folks in need
Then there shall God decide your fate
As measured by your deeds

So catholic priests shall be enticed
To tell you what’s decreed
And take hold all you sacrificed
To satisfy their greed

This site is old and ancient and remembers elder lore.
Your new God has no dominion over what was here before.

A gift demands a sacrifice and one shall pay it dear .
Send the priest to meet his maker. Jesus has no power here.

Take his money, take his light. Take him in the dead of night.
Take his eyes and take his skin. Take out what is found within.

Where is your lord now?

None can save you now!

Break his will and break his body
Break his bones with stick and stone

Break his faith and break him open
Take the heart he called his own

Remove the blood, remove the organs
Remove the pieces, one by one

Remove the soul, remove the spirit
Let all there was be now undone

And now, our work is done…