På Odden af hans hedenske Sværd

Danish to English Translation:

At the Point of a Pagan Sword:

Music: Frederiksen, lyrics: Atkin (Read the original text by Aktin here)
Translation to Danish (As seen in the booklet): Frederiksen

Mercenary and pious scholar was he
Tempestuously, he obeyed more than one lord

Bad tempered, coarse and mighty
Woe to those, who mocked his God’s words

He taught them everything about Christianity
The “true” God’s gospel
Mercy has a value
That price he couldn’t afford

He told them everything about Christianity
And his compassionate Lord
Before he betrayed them and put out their eyes
With the tip of his heathen sword

Thangbrand he was called, the erred prophet
A message of peace on his pointed cross

“You cannot be tamed”, said the king
“In Iceland you shall preach of the White Christ”

He took his book and was borne by the wind
And showed the sinners his compassion

A dark morning dawned when he came
For many would bleed on his thorned wreath

Thangbrand – Show them the way

Soon he landed on Icelandic shores
Where folk amused themselves with drinking and whoring

“This will not do, something must be done here
The day salvation came shall be remembered!”

He kicked the tavern door in
And stepped fourth with solemn temper
Like a man possessed by heaven
Spurred forth against the heathens

“All here shall hear my message
About God, the mighty Lord
Or suffer a pitiful death
On the tip of my heathen sword”

And the bards, they watched on
And laughed at what they saw
Sang songs of the monk’s wrath
He, without hair on his broad cheek

Thangbrand promised reward for their scorn
To them each and every one
To impale their unbelieving heads
On the tip of his heathen sword

There were built two beacons, so huge and high
So the gods could judge from the bastions of the heavens
Then Thangbrand selected the bravest of men
The strongest berserk the land could yield

“Through the fire you must run, fast as you can
It is possible, that which I demand of you!

One fire is blessed by me and Our Lord
The other the Asirs’ and Vanirs’ horde

Through mine you shall go without harm
A testimony that my god is greatest!
In your fire you can burn as if you were of straw
The old one-eyed cannot protect you!”

Unhurt he came through the Asirs’ fire
Whilst the heat from Christ’s fire held him back…