Spillemandens Dåse

Danish to English Translation:

The Fiddler’s Box

Music and lyrics: Frederiksen

One spring morning, as the sun was high
A fiddler came to the town
He sat down and looked around
And now, as the crowd drew closer, he began to play

The town’s good-folk, they danced and laughed
As if enchanted by the music’s sound
But a churl, who espied a casket
A silver box that the fiddler tried to hide

“Fiddler, fiddler, fiddler, tell us what you have in the box
Fiddler, fiddler, fiddler, show us what is in the box”

Despite his moans, the box was ripped from his hands
As the lid was lifted so the sky turned as black as the darkest night
They never said what they saw, not a soul escaped

That evening as the sun set
The town lay so eerily silent
The stranger was the devil himself
And now, as darkness broke forth, he started to play

The fiddler’s box